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An exciting opportunity for an experienced Lead Organiser to join United Voice’s NSW Branch. Key goals of this position are to develop organisers, implement online to offline organising plans, and to operationalise strategic organising and campaign plans with specific focus on recruitment and leadership development goals.”

Overview of the Position

United Voice NSW Branch’s purpose is to “Unlock the collective power of workers in our coverage, so that they are valued, respected and agents of socially progressive change in their work, lives and communities”

An Organising Lead plays an important role in achieving the Branch’s purpose. 

Key goals of this position: 

  • Develop Organisers;
  • Work with the Organising Co-ordinator to develop and review strategic organising and campaign plans
  • Operationalise strategic organising and campaign plans with specific focus on recruitment and leadership development goals.
  • Implement online to offline organising plans
  • Be able to move into different Organising Lead roles depending on the needs of the branch or plan

Key responsibilities of this position:

  • Ensure effective translation of strategic organising plan into operational plans with measurable recruitment and leadership development targets in either a Breakthrough or M-Lo environment
  • Manage organisers within the team and allocate work accordingly;
  • Provide required reporting on outcomes of operational plans;
  • Work with the Organising Co-ordinator to identify opportunities and manage any risks;
  • Assess and support the development of Organisers in both a Breakthrough or M-Lo setting;
  • Implement organising and accountability tools, including digital organising tools;
  • Promote the direction of the Union;
  • Work with Executive Officers and broader Leadership Team to improve union structures that help grow the Union;
  • Promote a positive internal culture and shared unity of purpose.

Required Skills and Knowledge:

To perform the role of Organising Lead successfully an individual should demonstrate the following essential skills and knowledge:


  • highly skilled in union Organising with at least 3 years’ experience as an Organiser;
  • proficient in the SOC and other theories of Organising;
  • can develop sustainable organising structures, i.e. Steering Committees & Action Groups;
  • proficient in digital organising

 Strategic Planning:

  • understands and is competent in organising strategy development;
  • can plan and produce documented plans for team
  • can understand and translate a strategic plan into an operational plan, taking into account industrial and political environment;
  • can articulate the Branch’s purpose and the winning aspiration of the Breakthrough campaign; and/or M-LO;
  • can engage with member leaders and activists in planning;
  • can develop appropriate messages for the different stages of the plan;
  • able to identify strategic targets;
  • can analyse data / information and integrate in operational plans;
  • can analyse and adjust operational plans to build worker power;
  • can report on plan implementation;
  • can assist and develop Organisers to create and implement fortnightly workplan
  • can identify resource requirements to implement plan e.g. blitzing, Member Organisers;
  • can identify alternative methods of contacting workers.

 Use of Systems and Tools:

  • can strategically and systematically record and analyse information;
  • can utilise Unison and UOrganise to retrieve relevant data;

 Organiser Development:

  • ability to assess and develop Organisers’ skills, including Member Organisers’ and key delegates;
  • can embed development opportunities for Organisers in day-to-day work;
  • can assess and identify ways to develop Organisers’ ability to negotiate enterprise agreements.


  • ability to lead a team
  • experience in supervising, motivating and supporting Organisers to reach targets;
  • ability to brief and debrief Organisers on implementation of plans; and individual and team performance;
  • ability to manage competing priorities;
  • ability to develop working relationships with Officials within the Branch, other United Voice Branches and other Unions.


  • has a good understanding of the Enterprise Agreement making process;
  • ability to interpret and enforce entitlements through collective action and delegate involvement. 

Expected Values and Behaviours

To perform this job successfully an individual is expected to demonstrate the following values and behaviours: 

  • Commitment to the union’s values – fairness, compassion, equity and dignity of workers;
  • Regard for the values of community and collectivism, fair access and distribution of society and the right to participate and dissent;
  • Ensure members have a real say in decision making;
  • Always speak positively of United Voice and members;
  • Work collaboratively and respectfully;
  • Honesty and integrity;
  • Attention to detail;
  • Ability to reflect and critique on individual and team work and be responsive to feedback and instruction;
  • Adhere to all policies and procedures;
  • Proper use of resources.

Required qualifications/licenses

  • A valid driver’s license;
  • Right of Entry Permits

How to apply for this job

Applications are to include the following:

1. Cover letter addressed to:

Mel Gatfield
United Voice NSW
Locked Bag 12 Haymarket 1240

2. Curriculum Vitae outlining experience and qualifications, and the names and contact details of three referees.

Email your application to sierra.hirt@unitedvoice.org.au using the subject line: Organising Lead application.

For further information, please contact Sarah Gardner on sarah.gardner@unitedvoice.org.au.

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United Voice NSW

Closing Date

Monday, June 05, 2017

Closing Time

05:00 PM


Locked Bag 12
Haymarket, NSW 2000

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Contact Name

Sarah Gardner

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1800 805 027

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