To mark one year since the O’Farrell Government severely cut the rights and entitlements of injured workers who rely on workers compensation, Unions NSW has released a report that outlines the human impact that the changes have had on the people of NSW.

A copy of the report is available here.

The ‘Workers Compensation Cuts – One Year On’ report is based on the findings of the online workers compensation survey. The survey was completed by 2,340 people from across the state, 1,392 of whom had suffered an injury or illness at work. The survey showed that:

  • 93% of people are opposed the Government’s changes to workers compensation;
  • Of the 1,392 injured workers, 504 were receiving weekly payments in June 2012;
  • 92 workers reported a reduction in their weekly payments as a result of the changes;
  • 71% of people receiving weekly payments have not yet undergone a Work Capacity Assessment;
  • 86% of injured workers sustained their injury prior to June 2012.

The report also includes personal stories from injured workers about the significant impacts this harmful legislation has had on them and their families.

Next year the NSW Government will hold an inquiry into the operation of the new workers compensation scheme. This report will help form the basis of the Unions NSW argument to reverse the drastic cuts that have been made to the system.

In order to reinforce the fear and harm these changes are causing, we need to continue to collect your thoughts and experiences regarding the workers compensation changes. You can tell us your story here.