The trade union movement’s campaign against cuts to workers compensation ramps up a notch this week, with the launch of TV advertisements and the announcement of a major rally.

The advertisements – a creative animation – will air on major commercial TV networks for the next five weeks.

They will be accompanied by a series of billboards on major roads across Sydney.

“The message in these advertisements is simple. Anyone can get injured at work and under these changes, everyone is vulnerable, Unions NSW Secretary, Mark Lennon said.

“Under the proposed changes, workers would lose protection on their way to and from work. Medical expenses would be capped and compensation would be cut off after two and a half years.

“The Government is attacking some of the society’s most vulnerable people, sick and injured workers.”

Mr Lennon will also announce details of a rally, to be held on Macquarie Street, at the front of parliament on Wednesday, June 13.

“Major workplace rights are on the chopping block here – the right to compensation for sick and injured workers is absolutely crucial,” Mr Lennon said.

“There’s no question that reform is needed, but it must not be at the expense of society’s most vulnerable people.”