The State Government's establishment of a dedicated unit to seek out privatisation options demonstrates the lengths to which it will go to serve the interests of the business community.

The Commissioning and Contestability Unit will come at a cost to taxpayers of $2.9 million and is specifically tasked with finding new opportunities for privatisation and outsourcing.

"The priorities of this Government are completely out of kilter. A dedicated unit will now scour government like a metal detector at the beach, digging up anything valuable for big business," said Mark Morey, Secretary of Unions NSW.

"The business lobbyists who have so much sway over the NSW Government will be thrilled by today's announcement.

"This is a Government already in the pocket of business lobbyists. But this takes it to a farcical new level.

"Rather than dedicating $2.9 million to finding new business opportunities for their mates, the Government should be focused on how it can employ extra prison officers for our crowded jails or an appropriate number of paramedics for the health system."

In response to article in The Australian 10 June 2016 which you can read here

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