• Disability workers hold statewide strike
  • Workers call on Premier to ‘have a heart’
  • Fears for clients and working conditions 

Jenny has worked in public disability services for over 30 years. She is devastated at the prospect of the government washing its hands of disability services and fears how detrimental it will be to the sector, her colleagues and her clients.

Jenny was joined by thousands of disability workers across the state who took industrial action on Valentine’s Day in a desperate plea to the Premier for government care to continue for the state’s most vulnerable people.

“We are here to ask the Premier to have a heart and consider the impact of this decision on the dedicated and committed disability workforce. Pay us and our clients the respect and recognition we deserve.”

Public Service Association general secretary Stewart Little said if the privatisation  proceeds NSW will be the only state in Australia with no government safety net.

“We are here today because members have had enough. This is years and years of frustration that has now spilled onto the streets. These are the people who look after the most needy and the most vulnerable in our society and they are demanding that this government maintains a public sector safety net for disability services.”

Mr Little said the government was treating workers like slaves effectively selling them across to the private sector with no option to stay in the public sector where they have been providing specialist disability care for decades. 

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