The Coalition’s disregard for the retirement security of working Australians was on display in last night’s budget reply speech.

Mr Abbott outlined plans to freeze superannuation increases for two years.

Unions NSW Secretary Mark Lennon said the speech showed that Tony Abbott was not committed to improving superannuation.

“The retirement security of working Australians is obviously not a priority for Tony Abbott,” Mr Lennon said.

“Chopping and changing the timetable to lift superannuation to 12 per cent will only degrade confidence in our retirement savings system.

“It’s hard to see the Coalition ever actually coming good on increasing superannuation to 12 per cent.

“Budgets are all about priorities. By fiddling with superannuation increases, Tony Abbott is indicating that the employment and income security of working people is a low order priority.

“We’re also deeply concerned by Tony Abbott’s plan to ape the O’Farrell Government’s commission of audit. That will result in the same thing we have seen here in NSW: deep cuts to jobs and services.”

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