Industrial Officer / EB Negotiator 20170503

To operate as a member of the National Industrial Officers’ team ensuring that ASU Branches and their members are given appropriate advice, knowledge, skills and support.

To advance and protect their economic, social, political and industrial interest of the membership by providing advice, high profile representation, advocacy, industry coordination, training and strategies to ASU Branches, staff and members.

To provide high level communications and workplace leadership during Enterprise Bargaining.


Key Attributes:

  • A comprehensive knowledge of the current Fair Work Australia Act.
  • Experience in enterprise bargaining in the Fair work System
  • A commitment to the union movement and improving the lives of working Australians.
  • Considerable experience in union, community, social justice, student or other activist campaigns preferred
  • Experience in modern union organising, education theory and techniques.
  • Broad knowledge of the Australian industrial area.
  • Ability to work in accordance with planned strategies and coordinate activities across Branches.
  • Translates strategic directions into day to day operations.
  • Capacity to work proactively, self-motivated to achieve desired outcomes.
  • Formulate and communicate union policy options and recommendations.
  • Ability to successfully recruit potential members for their Union.
  • Considerable experience in negotiation, dispute resolution and grievance handling.
  • High level negotiation and bargaining skills.
  • High level advocacy skills.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Ability to work to deadlines.
  • Experience in managing the expectations of the union; officials, delegates and members.

Key Responsibilities:

  • To facilitate the implementation of action plans and assignments endorsed by the National Industry Committee and/or the National Executive, in conjunction with the Assistant National Secretary.
  • Coordinate union responses by maintaining continuity across the industry and the development of strategies to protect and advance members interests.
  • Maintain, improve and negotiate Modern Awards and Enterprise Agreements.
  • Represent the ASU, in conferences and meetings, as required.
  • Regularly communicate with ASU Branches and members on industry and workplace development matters which affect their workplace or operations; and provide support services and advice to the Branches.
  • Prepare and represent the ASU’s interest in discussions and negotiations with employers in enterprise bargaining ensuring consistent and considered outcomes.
  • Provide industrial advice and representation.
  • Review data/resources and provide in-depth analysis to Union Officials, Branches and members
  • Prepare and present submissions on behalf of the ASU to ensure compliance with Fair Work Australia requirements and procedures or other Tribunals as may be necessary.
  • Assist in developing and implementing of strategic plans for the ASU.
  • Prepare and assist in the compilation of journal articles, newsletters, bulletins and media releases.
  • Prepare an assigned Industry/Industrial Officers’ report prior to National Executive meetings.
  • Such other tasks as directed that supports or enhances the objectives and responsibilities of the position.


  • IR qualifications or equivalent experience
  • Substantial experience in Bargaining.
  • Experience in industrial relations conflict and mediation skills.
  • Experience in union, community, or social justice activities.
  • Information Technology and Computer proficiency.


Please send applications via email to: recruitment@asu.asn.au 

If you require further information, please contact David Smith, National Secretary, on 03 9342 1400.

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Australian Services Union

Closing Date

Monday, May 22, 2017

Closing Time

06:00 PM


Level 8 / 321 Pitt Street
Sydney, NSW 2000

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Jonathan Pipke

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