The state’s peak union body has slammed the Baird Government for robbing thousands of retail workers of the opportunity to spend Christmas with their families. 

Unions NSW Secretary Mark Lennon said the decision passed by the NSW Upper House overnight to allow shops open on Boxing Day was a huge blow to workers. 

“Mike Baird and his business mates have effectively stolen the festive season from retail workers across the state who will now have to work on Boxing Day rather than spend quality time with their families.

“Once again the NSW Government has cowed to the pressure of the business lobby who clearly won’t be working on Boxing Day while workers are expected to slave away,” Mr Lennon said. 

“The Liberals are destroying the two-day break workers rarely get to enjoy with their families in favour of employers raising their profits.

“And not content on prying workers away from spending precious time with their families, employers are also pushing for penalty rates to be lowered to reduce costs for retailers at the expense of workers. 

“This is a double blow for workers who will be forced to work longer, for less, if employers get their way.

“Unions NSW will continue to work with the SDA and workers to ensure no one is forced to work on Boxing Day or any other important day and remain staunchly opposed to any pay cut by axing penalty rates,” Mr Lennon said. 

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