Unions NSW is urging the Baird Government to start prioritising affordable housing in the debate about residential development in Sydney’s CBD.

Unions NSW Secretary Mark Lennon said discussion about creating high-density residential towers in a new Western Harbour precinct was valid, but only if it included active consideration of how affordable housing could be incorporated.


“There is one key question at the heart of this debate that needs to be addressed: is Sydney’s growing CBD and surrounds for everyone or just for the elites? I’m seeing worrying signs that this government seems to believe the latter,” Mr Lennon said.


“For example, we are seeing long-term residents kicked out of their homes in Millers Point, while the move towards elite, exclusive dwellings in the city rolls on.


“There is nothing inherently wrong with residential towers, but they don’t need to be 20 stories high. Critically, they ought to be built with a view to demographic diversity. Our city can’t just be for millionaires.


“The Government needs to begin looking seriously at shared equity and housing supply bonds to ensure that housing is a right rather than a privilege.


“All around the world big cities are realising that they need diversity to function. The evolution of developed economies is causing urban centres to grow and thrive, but this can only happen effectively if normal, average workers can live in cities and participate in them.


“The most short-sighted thing the Baird Government could do today would be to allow new, high-rise developments in the city to service the needs of the mega-wealthy alone.”

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