This morning every firefighter, nurse, police officer, train driver, and teacher in the state will be sickened by the hypocrisy of the Baird Government.

To piously impose a pay freeze on the men and women who keep the state running, while simultaneously helping themselves to tens of thousands of dollars – often for doing absolutely nothing – is a disgrace.

It is a damning indictment on Mike Baird and Gladys Berejiklian that they declare the cupboard is bare when it comes to improving the modest salaries of public sector workers, but they can easily find a lazy two million to shovel at their mates.

New South Wales is a state being run for the one per cent, and the first members of the elite to get their gravy train top ups are the members of the Baird Government.

It seems Mr Baird is never short of a bob when it comes to bonuses for his MPs and funding for his social media advisors. But when it comes to paying public sector workers with dignity suddenly there’s not a cent.

The State’s public services have been cut to the bone. If there is money to spent it should be on these services and not on wholly unnecessary bonuses to government MPs.

By Mark Morey, Secretary, Unions NSW

In response to this story: http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/news/nsw/nsw-mps-topping-up-their-base-income-with-lucrative-parliamentary-side-roles/news-story/87fe7b581aabcac12907309d36ca93b3


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