This is a government philosophically committed to creating more inequality in the state of New South Wales.

How can Mike Baird and Gladys Berejiklian dole out an extra $200,000 a year of public money to a single manager while enforcing a morale-sapping pay freeze on every other public sector worker?

Driving this kind of greed and inequality is outrageous to any average person. But to Sydney’s business elites, and their close partners in Macquarie Street, it’s just business as usual.

If there is funding available to spend on public sector pay how about spreading it on workers who have struggled with no real wages growth for half a decade? I’d suggest a manager on $400,000 can probably scrape by without being topped up by the taxpayer to $600,000.

Slashing at the wages of working people while topping up their bosses is not just unethical — it’s bad economics.

Achieving productivity in developed 21st century economies relies on ensuring your workforce is motivated and capable of delivering cleverer ways of doing things through real engagement.

The result of this government’s punitive wages policy is that workers are desperately clinging to the conditions they have while there is a mass exodus of skills and knowledge from the public sector and more broadly NSW.

By Mark Morey, Unions NSW Secretary

The Daily Telegraph (p7): http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/news/nsw/baird-government-senior-staff-awarded-pay-rises-greater-than-regular-bureaucrats/news-story/8879e0b1171e037a30bacb9cc3109b45


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