Unions NSW has condemned Treasurer Mike Baird for threatening to punish public sector workers when his attempt to strip them of a 0.25 per cent to their superannuation was rejected by Parliament today.

The Legislative Council today passed a motion to disallow an attempt by the NSW Government to deny the state’s public sector workers the Commonwealth-mandated 0.25% super boost, by insisting that it be paid for within its meagre 2.5 per cent wage increase cap.

Mr Baird today reacted to the motion by threatening to axe 8,000 public sector workers, a statement Unions NSW Secretary Mark Lennon has condemned.

“Mr Baird has fought tooth and nail to deny nurses, teachers, police, firefighters and all other public sector workers in NSW their super increase, but each time he has met resistance. He was first denied by the Industrial Relations Commission and now by the NSW Parliament. He should take the hint,” Mr Lennon said.

“But instead he has reacted angrily and threatened to axe 8,000 public sector workers. That’s after the 15,000 jobs that have already been cut since 2011. Such a move would shatter entire communities and leave the public with highly compromised services.

“Mr Baird has completely lost his moral compass on this issue. To try and deny public sector workers the modest Commonwealth super increase in the first place is wrong. But to then angrily threaten their jobs when his plan fails is, frankly, disgraceful.

“This increase to super, and the incremental increases to come, have been designed by the Federal Government to make a significant difference to the retirements of all Australian workers. There is no reason why NSW public sector workers should be an exception.”
Mr Lennon praised the Labor Opposition, the Shooters and Fishers Party and the Greens for their support of the motion to defeat the Liberals’ push.

“The Labor Party, the Shooters and Fishers Party and the Greens have done the right thing by sticking up for decency. Their work to pass today’s motion provides a great example of the sort of safeguards Parliament is designed to provide.”

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