The Baird Government has made a mockery of parliamentary process by pushing ahead with its power privatisation legislation before the findings of an Upper House inquiry are handed down, according to Unions NSW. 

“The move to rush the power bill through early shows a total disregard for all the people and organisations who put a lot of work into making submissions," Unions NSW Secretary Mark Lennon said.
Mr Lennon said the Premier’s disrespect for the findings of the Upper House inquiry would not sit well with working people.
“Recent Unions NSW initiated research revealed 60 percent of people still stand opposed to the government’s misguided power privatisation plan because they know that privatisation doesn’t work,” he said. 
“It’s bad for workers, bad for service delivery and bad for household budgets.
“This inquiry was set up under the expectation that it would examine the impacts of privatisation on working people and household budgets and put voters’ minds at ease. 
“Instead, the Premier has shown nothing but disdain towards the inquiry and its findings. He has displayed total disregard for modern rules of justice, fairness and due process.
“The Premier should withdraw the legislation immediately and wait until the findings can be considered by all involved.”

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