Statement attributable to Mark Morey, Secretary, Unions NSW re Treasurer Gladys Berejiklian proposed cuts to public sector:[1]

This state government sees our public services as a giant monopoly board to be divided up and sold off to their mates in the private sector.

Ms Berejiklian will no doubt get warm applause when she presents her plan to slash public services to a conservative think tank tonight. But maybe she should spare a thought for the millions of NSW residents who depend on them.

It is not the state government’s job to keep dreaming up new ways to slash services and amalgamate everything for the benefit of private sector buyers. 

It is the state government’s job to ensure our public sector workers are adequately resourced to do their job.

Ask any nurse, police officer, firefighter, train driver, or teacher in the state about whether or not they think they are being supported to do their job. Ask them whether they think another round of cuts, amalgamations, and privatisations will help.

Ms Berejiklian needs to spend less time in conservative think tanks and more actually talking to the many thousands of people who make NSW work every day.

The State’s public services have been cut to the bone and the public is feeling that. Further deep cuts are the last thing NSW needs.

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