Bring Our Workers Home Safely

Bring Our Workers Home Safely

Liberal Governments are cutting our safety laws.

The Baird/Abbott Governments have no mandate to reduce our work health and safety protections; the only laws that have the capacity to bring our workers home safely. 

They are planning these changes over the Christmas break out of public scrutiny.

The cuts include cutting or amending the WHS Regulations to:

- make it harder to negotiate, elect and train health and safety representation;

- make it harder to resolve safety issues and disagreements;

- remove the requirements on how to manage risks;

- reducing requirements to provide for adequate first aid, for emergencies, emergency equipment for provision of first aid;

- remove requirements for regulating remote or isolated work;

- remove the requirement to manage hazardous (suffocation, explosive or flammable) atmospheres;

- remove the requirement for your employer to monitor for deafness;

- remove the requirement for minimising flammable and combustible material from the workplace;

- remove requirement for fall prevention;

- remove regulation for high risk work;

- remove requirement for guarding of equipment;

- reduce requirements to manage storage and handling of chemicals; and 

- reduce requirements to maintain an asbestos register. 

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To: the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly


The Hon. Dominic Perrottet MP, Minister for Finance and Services

We the undersigned call on the Premier of NSW, Mike Baird and the NSW Minister for Finance and Services Dominic Perrottet to oppose at the Council of Australian Governments, the Workplace Relations Minsters Council and Safe Work Australia the all proposed cuts to the Work Health and Safety Regulations, and to not impose these cuts to workplace safety.

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