It takes a lot for a group of workers to defy management and take strike action for the first time.

What’s driven these workers to give up a day’s pay?

NUW delegates and union members say they’re frustrated with Bunzl management and fed up with not being listened to.

What do the workers want?

A fair collective agreement. Bunzl interstate workers have a collective agreement, why not Sydney?

Equal pay for equal work. Bunzl uses individual contracts leaving many workers on different rates of pay despite doing the same job.

Secure Jobs. Some ‘casuals’ in Sydney have worked full time rostered hours for over 12 months so job security and permanent jobs are essential.

This is a productive workforce who work hard and have been loyal to Bunzl for many years.

It’s time for Bunzl management to get the message and respect workers’ rights. http://www.nuw.com.au/

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