• Sydney bus stop blitz raises awareness of Baird’s plans 
  • Jobs and services will suffer if privatised 
  • Private operators to pocket profits

Bus drivers are protesting the Baird Government’s plans to privatise Sydney buses by raising the public’s awareness of the impact on jobs and services.

There are reports the NSW Government is ready to hand bus services over to commercial operators which will lead to fewer bus stops, less buses and bus drivers, and longer journey times.

Secretary of the Rail, Tram and Bus Union's bus division, Chris Preston, said Sydney buses have been in public hands for almost 80 years and unions will fight to stop the NSW Government from slashing bus services "to put money into the hands of shareholders". 

“It’s difficult enough to get around Sydney on public transport and if Mike Baird’s franchising plan goes ahead it’ll get a lot worse.

“We call upon Mike Baird to rule out the privatization of Sydney Buses. We are worried about the cuts in services, the cuts in maintenance and the cuts in wages and conditions of drivers who live in the most expensive city in Australia,” Mr Preston said. 

Concord resident Kym Ralley has four kids. She worries the privatization of Sydney Buses would increase fares, eliminate routes and reduce reliability.

“Local bus routes take us directly to the shopping centre and the hospital. I would be lost without those services and my kids would have no way to get to school or university,” Ms Ralley said.

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