Today’s news that the WorkCover premiums will be cut by five per cent shows the deep price paid by some of society’s most vulnerable people, sick and injured workers, under the Government’s deep cuts to workers compensation.

Unions NSW contends that the WorkCover deficit was on track to turn around within five years. But in a confected crisis, the Government deeply cut the rights and entitlements of injured workers, in the process delivering a huge benefit to the business lobby.


Unions NSW Secretary, Mark Lennon said it was inappropriate for the State Government and business groups to gloat about the reduction in premiums.


“This reduction in premiums is built on the back of sick and injured workers. It’s hardly appropriate for the Government and the business lobby to begin popping champagne corks,” Mr Lennon said.


“Untold misery has been visited on some of society’s most vulnerable people thanks to these cuts.


“Now the scheme is back in the black the Government should look urgently at reversing some of the cuts to the workers compensation system that have treated injured workers and their families so callously. A good place to start would be medical bills.


“If the government was fair minded it would look to helping the injured instead of putting more dollars into the hands of business.


“The Government is showing its true colours with this latest premium cut, the second since the cuts to workers comp were introduced.


“The reason the scheme is back in the black is because injured workers have had weekly payments cut off, even when they have not provided with suitable employment.”

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