The Government’s decision to cut union representatives from its boards will mean a narrow clique from the business community will dominate Government institutions and use them to push their own narrow self interest.

Unions NSW Secretary, Mark Lennon said the move would lead to poorer decision-making.


“We should be expanding government board representation so that the views of workers, consumers and environmentalists are all reflected,” Mr Lennon said.


“The Treasurer’s decision will inevitably mean that the business community is the only group represented on Government boards. The business community’s self interest will win out over the broader public good.”


“It was in fact the Coalition that first introduced union representation to Government boards under the Greiner and Fahey governments.


“That government understood a basic principle: the more diverse the body of people involved in making a decision, the better the decision will be.


“That wisdom has been lost on the current Government, who want an echo chamber to endorse their plan of selling off Government assets and slashing jobs.”

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