Coordinated calls by bosses’ lobbies to take a cheap shot at workers who use leave entitlements to take today off work reek of the worst hypocrisy, Unions NSW said today.

Business lobbies have rolled out their annual tired rhetoric about workers taking today off work in a bid to intimidate employees.

Unions NSW Acting Secretary Thomas Costa said the disingenuous campaign was not based in reality.

“The real scandal is not sickies around Australia Day, it is unpaid overtime. The latest research shows that the average Australian worker donated $10,641 worth of unpaid overtime to their employer last year,” Mr Costa said.

“And almost half of all Australian workers don't use their full holiday leave because they either have too much work, feel guilty about taking leave or feel it would harm their job security.

"So when employer lobbies start bleating about people wanting a four day weekend perhaps they need to put it in context and count their blessings.

"Getting a lecture on this issue from employers is like being lectured to by Donald Trump on the importance of truth in politics.

"Australians work some of the longest hours in the world. We are loyal and diligent. This latest push from the business lobby is not only inaccurate, it's very poor taste."

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