Busting the Airtasker Myth - Unions NSW Report

Unions NSW has produced a report Innovation or Exploitation -  Busting the Airtasker Myth,  a case study into the employment practices of Airtasker – the Australian leader in task-based work. 

The world of work is changing, with new forms of digitally enabled, gig-based work emerging. Known as the gig-economy, this form work is eroding labour standards and turning traditional jobs into short term tasks with no employment protections. 

The Unions NSW report explores the ways Airtasker has used the cloak of ‘innovation’ to pursue archaic and out-dated labour practices. Airtasker uses the ‘independent contractor’ label to circumvent minimum wage rates, workers compensation and basic employee safety nets. Further, Airtasker encourages a race to the bottom, by pitting workers against each other in reverse auctions for work. 

The Unions NSW report has opened up a public debate on the real impact of the gig-economy on labour standards. The report has received media attention this week, resulting in Airtasker CEO, Tim Fung agreeing to meet with Unions NSW to discuss our concerns. 

If you would like further information on the Unions NSW report or have questions, please contact Unions NSW Research Officer, Kate Minter on (02) 9881 5918 or at kminter@unionsnsw.org.au

Yours Faithfully, 

Mark Morey