• Busways service Central Coast and Western Sydney
  • Wage deal expired June 2015 with Busways now refusing to negotiate
  • 80% of Busways employees rejected new agreement 

Earlier this week, Transport Workers’ Union members at Busways stopped work for four hours when their employer refused to negotiate a new agreement after the current one expired in June 2015.

Busways unsuccessfully applied last week to the Fair Work Commission to suspend the industrial action. Services in Western Sydney and the Central Coast were halted in protest at the conditions Busways proposed in a new agreement to workers.  These include:

  • No guarantee of permanent work
  • No representation allowed at disciplinary meetings
  • Drivers forced to take leave when it suits the company

The new agreement was voted down by 80% of workers. Since then, the employer has refused to negotiate, forcing workers to take action.

One worker, who cannot be named, said Busways wanted complete control over its workforce.

“They are used to standing over their workforce and getting their own way. They also want to have a non-union agreement to increase their profits. “

The worker also raised concerns about the flow-on effect these tactics are having on the workforce.

“These negotiations have created conflict in the workplace with management but we've supported each other and stood strong by being union. At home it's created stress due to concern over our job security and ability to pay our bills due to the company's wishes to attack our conditions and wages.

“We just want the company to sit down with us to negotiate one agreement for Western Sydney and the Central Coast.”

The Transport Workers’ Union members have announced new plans to hold a 24 hour strike this coming Monday if there are no breakthroughs in negotiations with management this week.

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