Workers and their families in Victoria and Queensland exposed their Liberal Government’s plans to sell off state assets and cut funding to community services – just in time for voters to make an informed decision at the polling booth. 

With less than 50 days to go before NSW votes on 28 March, it’s time for candidates to show where they stand on the important issues that affect their communities. 

Over the coming weeks local community union alliances across the state will be putting their seat's candidates to the test on issues like privatising public assets and services, and cuts to education and health care.

Candidates will be asked to sign a Jobs, Rights, Services pledge developed with local input that aims to hold each candidate to account if they are successful in the election.

All known candidates have been invited and are expected to attend the evening. 

This week candidates in Gosford and Macarthur will be under the spotlight. 

If you are in the area round up your family and friends and come along to call on your candidates to commit to governing in the interests of your community.


Yes I will be attending the Gosford Candidates Forum

Yes I will be attending the Macarthur Candidates Forum


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Camden resident, Lisa Kremmer, said nurses will be calling on all candidates to support an increase in full-time positions at Campbelltown and Camden Hospitals. 

“There are not enough nurses to provide the level of care that patients deserve," she said.

"The NSW Government is refusing to guarantee staffing levels placing enormous pressure on local managers who shouldn't have to put the budget before safe patient care. And while wards are short-staffed, hospital administrators have failed to support allied and professional health services which are under threat across the State. We want our local candidates to stand up for quality healthcare.”

Central Coast local, Ben Lister, said he will be calling on candidates in Gosford to commit to protecting the state's poles and wires from privatisation.

“The Liberal National Party felt the impact of its misplaced privatisation policies in the recent Queensland election and Mike Baird will suffer a similar backlash at the ballot box," he said.

"Not only will selling off our electricity network cost skilled jobs, but it will also drive up electricity prices for consumers and no one wants that.” 

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