Election Day is our last chance to have the conversations that count.

With every conversation we are educating voters about the Liberals plan to make us pay for a $50 billion tax cut for their mates, at the expense of our local schools and hospitals.

There is a better way. Together, let's give voters all the information they need to put the Liberals last on July 2.

Here’s some of the facts we’ll be sharing with our community:

  • Liberals are cutting $54b from our hospitals.
  • Liberals are cutting $29b from our schools.
  • Gonski makes a real difference. Why are the Liberals breaking their promise to properly fund our schools?
  • Liberals are destroying Medicare through cuts to vital testing, doctors visits and privatising parts of it to big companies like Telstra.
  • They talk about jobs and growth but since December 50,000 full time jobs are gone under the Liberals.
  • Liberals cut $1.2b from apprenticeships - 122,000 young people on the scrapheap.
  • Their answer is $4 an hour internships with no workplace rights or protections. Our kids deserve better.
  • Liberals are giving $50b in tax cuts to the biggest corporations and there's no evidence it will create jobs. Foreign shareholders will pocket the lion's share.
  • They're cutting our schools and hospitals to pay for this huge tax giveaway to the biggest corporations.
  • There's a better future ahead if we invest in our schools and hospitals.

Will you volunteer?

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