• Free trade deal will deal  heavy blow to workers
  • Environmental laws, workers’ rights and affordable medicines at risk
  • It’s not too late to stop the TPP as community wins Senate inquiry 

Fireman Harry Fisher has seen his fair share of environmental disasters but nothing scares him more than a free trade deal that will erode jobs, healthcare and democracy.

The father of four joined unionists this week protesting a government-dominated Parliamentary inquiry into the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP). The Turnbull government claims it will boost the economy and exports but studies show it will create almost no jobs or growth in Australia.

“This deal will allow for environmental destruction, a degradation of workers’ wages and cause greater wealth inequality,” Harry told Snapshot. “We can’t let that happen, we can’t sink Australian dreams.” 

His 13 year old son Harry Jnr agrees: “I live and breathe the ocean and I am worried about the big corporations because they will have as much leeway as they want to destroy our second home – the ocean.”

Unions NSW Secretary Emma Maiden told Monday’s rally the legally binding agreement could still be stopped.

“The TPP is not about free trade but about giving more rights to global corporations. As a movement we join workers in affected countries fighting the TPP, including the US where both presidential candidates are opposed.”

Dr  Patricia  Ranald,  Convener  of  the  Australian  Fair  Trade  and  Investment Network said while Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull was pushing the deal in the United States, senators here were backing a community push for an inquiry  into its impact.

“The TPP expands corporate rights at the expense of people's rights. A Senate inquiry will enable the full critical scrutiny the TPP deserves. Make a submission to let Senators know that the TPP is a bad deal for democracy.”


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