The President, Com. J. Kiejda occupied the Chair.

PRESENT:  M. Morey [Secretary], T. Costa, [Assistant Secretary].

OPENING OF THE MEETING:  The President, Com. J. Kiejda opened the meeting and in doing so recognised the traditional owners of the land on which the meeting was held, The Gadigal People of the Eora Nation.


The Secretary, Com. M. Morey moved:- 

“That the minutes from the meeting of 26 May 2016 as circulated be received”.

Com. P. Wright seconded.


The Secretary, Com. M. Morey moved:-                    

That the minutes of the meeting of 26 May 2016 be adopted”. 

Com. M. Gatfield seconded.



From:  The Textile, Clothing & Footwear Union appointing Tracy LeFevre in place of J. Owens for tonight’s meeting.

The Secretary, Com. M. Morey moved: -

That the credential be received and the delegate welcomed.” 

Com. A. Rudman seconded.


APOLOGIES: Apologies were received and accepted for: E. Maiden (Assistant Secretary), B. Holmes (NSWNMA), A Gardiner (PSA,) S. Butler (ETU), B. Smith (SDA), P. Reid (USU), Graeme Kelly (USU).

The Secretary, Com. M. Morey moved:-      

“That the apologies be received and accepted”.

Com. A. Rudman seconded.



The Secretary, Com. M. Morey welcomed Dr Jim Stanford, Economist and invited him to the address the meeting.

Dr Stanford thanked Unions NSW and said:

“Australia has the smallest manufacturing workforce in the OECD world, even smaller that Luxemburg. Indicators of Australia’s economic performance throughout history favour Labor Government’s economic credentials. By cooling of job creation and employment rate, we can see that the Abbott/Turnbull government has presided over a fall in employment.

GDP growth is an important indicator of economic performance. So far it has been about the same as the previous government. Business investment is declining under the present government and public investment is also declining since the Federal Stimulus following the GFC. On these figures the current Australian Government ranks last in the OECD world.

Business spending on research and innovation is decreasing under this government.

Real wages value has declined to its lowest level of any Australian government;

Debt has increased particularly household debt. Turnbull/Abbott policy errors have contributed to the poor economy in Australia. This includes the chop in value of Australian exports and growth in household debt and de-inflation. One of the greatest features of trade unions is to put a floor on wage growth to prevent a decline and subsequent de-inflation”.

The Secretary, Com. M. Morey welcomed Dr Patricia Ranald, Coordinator of the Australian Fair Trade, (AFT) and Investment Network (AFTINET), and invited her to  address the meeting.

Dr Ranald thanked Unions NSW and said:

“FTA has had little or no economic benefit. AFTINET will hold a public forum on June 14 to explain upcoming trade agreements that will affect the Labor market and other economic safeguards.

The forum will be held at 12:30pm in Training Room 2 at Trades Hall and all are invited to attend”.

The Secretary, Com. M. Morey thanked Dr Stanford and Dr Ranald for their address.


1.  From Australian Services Union (ASU) regarding Save our Local Community Services Campaign Rally to be held outside the Prime Minister’s office at 12 noon on 10 June 2016.

Com. J. Wright spoke to the correspondence and said community services will lose $1 billion over the next 3 years. These cuts will affect Community Legal Centres, homelessness services and other community services and will have a severe impact on those who work in these services, their conditions of employment and their security of employment.

The Secretary, Com. M. Morey moved the Executive recommendation:-

“That the correspondence be received and that Unions NSW support the ASU by joining them and encouraging affiliates to join them in rallying outside the Prime Minister’s office.”


Com. J. Wright seconded the resolution.                       


2.  From The Hon. Adam Searle MLC regarding the City of Sydney Non-Residential Register and Rolls.

Sydney of City Councillor Linda Scott spoke to the correspondence and said this legislation was introduced by the Baird Government and Shooters & Fishers Party to allow non- residents to vote. However, there was a block on unions applying to be placed on the register. This has now changed thanks to the help of The Hon Adam Searle MLC. Unions can now vote and should register for a right to vote.

 The Hon A. Searle MLC spoke and said he believes that the legislation was not designed to allow unions to vote however unions have corporate status and so have the same status as corporations in the electorate. These changes were an attempt to stack the electoral roll to favour conservatives. He also mentioned that on Monday, Labor announced Labor’s Secure Steel Plan and this plan will secure the steel industry and the supply chains for that industry.

The Hon A. Searle MLC also volunteered to be available to assist unions in completing their ballot enrollment forms.          

The Secretary, Com. M. Morey moved the Executive recommendation:-

“That the correspondence be received and that Unions NSW will circulate the City of Sydney’s enrolment forms and links to further information.”

Com. A. Claassens seconded the resolution.                      



1.  Launch of the Macquarie University Research into Workers Compensation.

Com. S. Deguara spoke to the report and said: Today Unions NSW launched the third report by Macquarie University into the effects of the workers compensation cuts of 2012. These reports have influenced government in past inquiries.

The Secretary, Com. M. Morey gave thanks to Com. E. Maiden and Com. S. Deguara for their work in assisting this report of workers compensation law changes. 

The Secretary, Com. M. Morey moved the Executive recommendation:-

 “That the report be received and adopted”.

Com. M. Gatfield seconded the resolution.                   


2.  Trades Hall Board Report

The Secretary, Com. M. Morey announced that Com. S. Butler has resigned from the Trades Hall Board and nominations to replace his position will open tomorrow.

The Secretary, Com. M. Morey moved:- 

That the report be received and adopted”.

 Com. P. Noack seconded.


3.  Federal Election Door-knock

The Secretary, M. Morey said last Saturday’s Robertson door-knock was a great success with many volunteers supporting the cause.  He thanked the organisers and everyone involved.

There is another door knock scheduled for this Saturday 4th June in the Page Federal Electorate and will take place from 9am-12 noon. Everyone should meet at the South Grafton Ex Servicemen’s Club, Wharf Street, South Grafton.

The Secretary, Com. M. Morey moved:-

“That the campaign report be received and adopted”.


Com. S. Turner seconded.                    



1. Save Our Local Community Services Rally
Please join the ASU at 12 noon Friday 10 June for a rally outside the Prime Minister’s Office, to Save our Local Community Services.

2. Movie Invitation - The Women Who Were Never There
Sydney Premiere   Friday 3 June 6pm drinks, 7pm film - NSW Teachers Federation Conference Centre.
37 Reservoir St, Surry Hills  Entry $10 regular,  $5 Concession, $20 Supporter

3.  Invitation to the Injured Workers Support Network 19th June family Picnic
Join the Injured Workers Support Network as we recognise national injured workers day to be held at 11:00am on Sunday 19 June 2016 at Holroyd Workplace Memorial Park, Brickworks Drive, Holroyd.

4.  ACTU Organising Works – Applications closed 30th June 2016
Is commencing soon. This is invaluable program has been servicing unions in their organising efforts for more than 20 years, and has now been revitalised with a new curriculum. 

We are calling for expressions of interest for programs running ins NSW, Qld & Vic.  This program will be composed of ten courses beginning in July 2016 and running to September 2017.

For further information please go to the ACTU website  https://actu.wufoo.com/forms/z1a8e22w1xn3c2x/    

5.  Union Aid Abroad APHEDA – Annual Raffle 2016
Support the Union Aid Abroad APHEDA raffle tickets available online or at Unions NSW Reception until Friday 3 June 2016.  Raffle will be drawn Thursday 16 June 2016.


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