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Today (10 October) is Fiji Day, a celebration of the day Fiji gained independence in 1970.But Fijians have little to rejoice, as the country endures its seventh year under the military dictatorship of Commodore Frank Bainimarama.
Since… he seized power of Fiji in 2006, human and workers’ rights have been under attack.

Over 60% of Fijian wage earners now live below the poverty line, many workers earn less than $3 an hour, and those speaking out against the regime are threatened and assaulted.

What’s more, basic union activities including collective bargaining have been outlawed in many sectors, there is no protection of minimum wages and conditions in the public sector, and trade unionists, journalists and human rights activists have been threatened and assaulted by the regime.

That’s why Australian Unions are part of the international call for change.

Join us today and help the people of Fiji get their paradise back by taking action at:

Sydneysiders, if you are planning on attending the big Fiji Day festival at Wyatt Park in Lidcombe on Saturday, why not drop into the Unions NSW stall and find out more about how you can join this campaign? Hope to see you there!

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