Donate Blood


Show some solidarity! Give blood, save lives…

Over the next year, the Australian Red Cross Blood Service will, in New South Wales alone, need over 400,000 donations of blood, over 100,000 donations of plasma and nearly 10,000 donations of platelets.

One in three people will need blood, but only one in 30 will donate. The Red Cross struggles at times to meet the demand for blood and blood products.

It’s important to know that it is not only road trauma victims who require blood.  Blood helps cancer patients, people undergoing emergency surgery, burns victims and those on renal dialysis.

There is no substitute for blood.

Giving blood takes only one hour of your time.

What can you do?

We are calling on almost 700,000 union members across NSW to roll up their sleeves and become donors.We want to significantly lift the number of NSW people regularly donating blood over the next 12 months.

Donations can be made in regional and metropolitan areas, so all members are able to participate in this important campaign.

We’ve made our blood drive as easy as possible with three simple steps.

Step 1:

Call 13 14 95 and make an appointment to give blood at your convenience.

Step 2:

Make sure your donation counts for unionists. Join our Club Red at: An automatic ongoing tally will be kept of the litres of blood donated from union members over the next year.

Step 3:

After donating, head over to and fill out the form to go into our prize draw. With the support of First State Super, we will be running quarterly prize draws, over the year, for a brand new Apple iPhone. (You’ll need your Donor ID and the date you donated.)


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