Mean-spirited call fails to recognise favourable deal for employers every other day

Unions are calling on the business lobby to call off the holiday guilt trip on Australians who are taking a rare opportunity to take some time with family and community today.

A coordinated set of calls has been issued by bosses’ lobbies in an attempt to take a cheap shot at workers who use their leave entitlements to take today off, with suggestions the move could “kill business” as well as threats that it “will reflect badly” on employees.

Unions NSW Acting Secretary Mark Morey said employers needed to take a deep breath and consider some context before running such a disingenuous campaign.

“Australians work so much overtime that during an average week they donate some $2.1 billion dollars to their employers. That works out to be $9,471 dollars in unpaid overtime to employers each year,” Mr Morey said.[1] 

“A third of employed Australian are in their workplaces for over 50 hours per week.[2]

“Workers in Germany, to take just one example, work significantly shorter weeks than Australians do.[3]

“And if all that’s not enough for employers, we have seen a long-term trend over the last decade of workers wages being redistributed into company profits.

“Of course leave entitlements should be taken appropriately, but before the bosses’ lobby works themselves into a lather we need some perspective.

“When you consider all the context, running a campaign to aggressively begrudge workers a day off — on a single, conveniently placed Monday in this summer — is simply mean spirited.”





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