A robust union campaign focused on job losses and declining job security has helped drive a 36 per cent primary vote swing against the Nationals in the by-election for the State seat of Orange.

The seat looks likely to be lost to the Government.

Unions have been on the ground in Orange for the past four weeks, reminding voters of Mike Baird's plan to privatise regional hospitals, merge councils, the now-abandoned closure of the greyhound industry and its failure to do anything to stem industry closures in the central west of the state.

"The message from voters in Orange is that they are sick of being ignored and treated like their jobs and livelihoods are an afterthought to Mike Baird's grand political and economic experiments," said Mark Morey, Unions NSW Secretary.

"For the past four weeks, an army of union volunteers has run street stalls, pre-poll booths and letterboxing and doorknocking blitzes. The response has been electric.

"People in Orange and elsewhere in regional NSW are demanding economic justice. They want to know that whether they work in the greyhound industry, local government or at the local hospital, their job is safe and secure.

"People make profound decisions to start families, buy homes and put down roots in communities like Orange. They deserve a Government that's on their side. At the moment the Government is more interested in doing the bidding of big banks and multinational companies that want juicy contracts from merged councils and privatised hospitals.

“The Baird government must start listening to a community and their concerns which is broader than Sydney’s CBD banking industry”.

"Regional NSW deserves better. Yesterday it sent a powerful message to Mike Baird. It's about time he listened."

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