The State Government's new restriction on the right of 'third party' campaigners such as trade unions to spend money during election campaigns is designed to pave the way for privatisation of public assets.


Under new laws designed to silence the voice of working people, trade unions and other third party campaigners will be restricted to spending no more than $250,000 each during an election campaign.

This was not recommended by the Schott Review into electoral funding.

Until now, the cap was $1.1 million.

"This is a brazen attempt to silence the voice of working people," Unions NSW Secretary, Mark Lennon said.

Clearly, the union campaigns against privatisation of energy, health, water and education are biting, and so the Government has resorted to desperate tactics.

Working people have always pooled their resources to express themselves politically. It is a basic democratic right to participate in politics and have your voice heard. These laws seriously threaten that right."

Today's announcement is only the latest in a series of attempts by the Government to cut trade unions out of the political debate.

A previous attempt to ban unions from donating money to political parties and campaigns was struck out by the High Court late last year.

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