The State Government’s plan to disguise a power sell off as a 99 year lease will not fool the electorate.

According to front page reports in today’s Daily Telegraph, the Government is preparing to structure its power sell off in stages and through a 99 year lease to make it more palatable to the electorate.


But the State’s peak union council has vowed to resist the move with a fierce campaign.


“The daily revelations at ICAC have seriously undermined faith in our political process, yet the State Liberals think they can sneak a sale of our electricity system through by doing it in bits and chunks and through leases,” Unions NSW Assistant Secretary, Mark Morey said.


“This is deeply cynical and the public will see it for what it is, an attempt to disguise the biggest privatisation in the State’s history.


“If Mike Baird wants to give this critical asset to the banks he needs to explain what the banks are getting out of it.


“People have a right to know what the private sector is getting out of electricity privatisation. Big banks and superannuation funds certainly don’t want the poles and wires for no reason.


“We know Mike Baird intends to deliver for the big end of town. That’s where he comes from and it’s what he understands.


“However we will lead a concerted campaign to keep energy in public hands and ensure future NSW generations enjoy both affordable and reliable energy without being gouged every time they open their electricity bill.”

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