The National Party must unequivocally reject energy privatisation at two key meetings being held today or lose all legitimacy as the voice of regional NSW.


Both the Liberal and National parties are meeting separately to consider a sale of publicly owned monopoly pole and wire companies, Ausgrid, Endeavour Energy, Essential Energy and TransGrid.


A joint Coalition party room meeting is then expected later this afternoon.


Unions NSW Secretary, Mark Lennon said any compromise position would be ludicrous.


He called on the National Party to stand firm against any form of privatisation.


“All four of the pole and wire transmission businesses are publicly owned monopolies operating in regional Australia.


“No compromise will sugarcoat privatisation.


“It’s little wonder foreign investors and banks want to buy this business, it’s a monopoly and therefore a license to gouge consumers and print money.


“The evidence from Victoria and South Australia is clear – consumers lose out under privatisation. As soon as we go down this path, higher prices are inevitable.


“If the National Party agrees to any form of sell off it is abandoning regional Australia in favour of foreign investors and big banks.”

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