• CPSU members win arbitration
  • 100,000 workers without new agreements for more than 1000 days
  • Government’s failure to act an international embarrassment

A three year dispute between immigration and border protection staff and the Abbott/Turnbull government looks set to be determined through compulsory arbitration by the Fair Work Commission.

CPSU members have taken part in a 12 month campaign of stoppages at airports, cruise ship terminals and cargo ports around Australia.

CPSU national secretary Nadine Flood said the case might have implications across the rest of the public service, where around 100,000 workers have been without new agreements for more than 1000 days.

“For three years CPSU members have taken a strong stand against the Abbott/Turnbull government’s attack on pay and conditions and the Fair Work Commission decision is recognition that this dispute has gone on too long.

“This is good news for staff and good news for travellers who could have seen the government’s intransigence leading to more strikes and disruption in the Christmas holidays.”

 “The fact that union members had to take this sort of action to bring the issue to a head is a searing indictment on the failure of the Turnbull government to deal sensibly with workers’ rights.

“The CPSU is ready to talk. The Prime Minister should get his Minister Michaelia Cash to pick up the phone so we can fix this mess and let the rest of the public service get on with their jobs,” Ms Flood said.


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