The Budget released yesterday had significant cuts in a range of areas that are going to affect unionists across NSW details are outlined below. 

The ACTU have put together budget media releases which can be found here and they have also released some videos on how Abbott and Hockey’s budget will make you work longer, and pay for when you get sick.


  • NSW facing $25.5 billion in funding cuts to health and education;
  • $7 co-payment for visits to the GP;
  • Additional $5 added to PBS prescriptions;
  • $368 million cut from preventative health measures;
  • Medicare safety net threshold lowered;
  • $390 million cut from public dental services.

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School Education

  • NSW facing $25.5 billion in funding cuts to health and education;
  • Gonski funding halved, with years 5 and 6 abandoned, with NSW loosing $2.1 billion in funding;
  • No new money promised for students with a disability;

More info:

The Age School cuts will entrench disadvantage

Vocational Education

  • Tools For Youth Trade program cut (worth $914.6 million)
  • Another $1 billion cut from a number of programs including: National Workforce Development Fund, Workplace English Language and Literacy Fund and the National Partnership Agreenment on training places for single parents.

Tertiary Education

  • University fees deregulated, which will see significant increases in fees;
  • Universities will compete for public funding;
  • Interest on University fees increased from CPI to 6%;
  • Income level where University loans become repayable is reduced to $50,000.

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Public Sector Jobs

  • 16,500 jobs to be axed;
  • Civil government agencies to shed 7,336 full-time equivalent jobs;
  • 70 government agencies will be scraped or consolidated.

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  • Fuel excise introduced that will see petrol increased by 4c a litre;
  • Diesel fuel rebate for miners and farmers is spared the axe.

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Young people

  • Under 25s will be paid the lower rate of Youth Allowance (not NewStart);
  • Under 30s must be working or studying to receive Youth Allowance or NewStart;
  • Under 30s will need to wait 6 months before receiving any payments.

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Older Australians

  • Retirement age increased to 70 by 2035;
  • Asset and income test thresholds for the pension will be indexed until 2016 then frozen for 3 years;
  • Increases to the pension will be linked to inflation (not Average Weekly Earnings);
  • Seniors supplement abolished;
  • Tougher rules for Senior’s card (superannuation income to be included in test);
  • 2.5 billion cut from aged care;
  • Housing Help for Seniors scheme scrapped.

More info:

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Combined Pensioners and Superannuants Association Pensioners to foot the bill


  • Company tax rate reduced by 1.5%.

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Family payments

  • Family tax benefit threshold reduced to $100,000;
  • Payments will only be made until youngest child turns 6.

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Overview of Budget


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