Tonight NSW unions paid tribute to long-serving leader and dear colleague and friend Mark Lennon after almost eight years in the top job as Secretary of Unions NSW. 

A true stalwart of the movement Mark has been at the forefront of the fight for workers’ rights since joining Unions NSW in 1988 where he worked in a number of different roles before becoming secretary in 2008.

Mark’s commitment to the cause and his tireless contribution to improving the lives of working people in NSW over the past three decades will never be forgotten. 

Unions from across the movement shared their appreciation and memories of a man who has steered them through the lows of the WorkChoices years to the incredible highs like holding James Hardie to account.

From jobs cuts, wage caps, workers compensation attacks and penalty rates slashed, Mark has been a relentless advocate of workers’ rights, social justice, fairness and equity for all.

For the past 30 years he has been at the helm of every campaign and valued for his

passion, honesty, integrity and calm and considered approach to the issues at hand.

A  champion of Your Rights at Work and the cause of Jobs, Rights and Services, Mark will be missed by the multitudes but leaves behind him a wonderful legacy - most notably with the 30 local community union alliances he helped pioneer that bring back the power of community grassroots campaigning.

A truly unifying force, hero, mentor, leader and friend we thank you for always emulating the union values we hold dear. 

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