Australia’s workers need and deserve clarity on the federal oppositions industrial relations agenda as a matter of urgency, according to the peak trade union body in NSW.


Unions NSW Acting Secretary Chris Christodoulou responded today to media reports that federal opposition leader Tony Abbott was under internal Liberal Party pressure to toughen up his industrial relations policy, saying he must unconditionally put the issue to rest.

“It is unfair on workers and small businesses to have this uncertainty on IR in an election year.”

“The Liberal Party federally must stop playing politics with peoples working lives. The nations industrial relations system and peoples working lives should not be a matter of uncertainty every time there is an election.”

“Workers and business need and deserve some certainty in this critical area of public policy. The nation needs to be able to ‘compare apples with apples’ on this issue and the major parties should be contesting the next election with their respective positions on IR crystal clear for everyone to see.”

“People have a right to know if their unfair dismissal rights will be taken away again. They have a right to know if their wages could go backwards if the government changes.”

“That’s the community expectation and it is a completely reasonable one.”

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