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Today the Institute of Public Affairs, a conservative think tank associated with the Liberal Party, is calling for Australia’s minimum wage to be abolished.

The Fair Work Commission will decide on a minimum wage in June taking into account the labour market and the cost of living. Unions are asking for an extra $27 per week to assist low paid workers.

Goulburn District Unions volunteers asked locals attending the St Saviour weekend markets about their thoughts on the minimum wage.

Goulburn District Unions spokesperson Jane Cotter says “We wanted to know what local people thought of the push by big business to reduce the minimum wage so we asked the question “We need to raise the wage because…:” and people had to write their response on a poster and have a photo taken as well”.

“Goulburn people are great, they really to care about their community. In response to the question about raising the minimum wage, the overwhelming majority of people said “yes”.”

“Everyone took the question seriously and people really thought deeply about why we need to increase wages for the lowest paid workers in the community.”

Here’s a small sample of responses to the petition question “We need to raise the wage because…:”

Michael:              “it’s not fair we get paid less. We work hard and deserve more money.”

Helen:                   “for the economy to function, people’s buying power needs to be maintained.”

Jason:                   “the cost of living keeps rising”

Sylvia:                  “CEOs are paid too much!”

Stephen:              “we are going to end up living like peasants in medieval times”

Julia:                     “the more people spend the stronger the economy”

Rosemary:         “we need wage earners to keep the country towns financially viable.”

Dannielle:           “the cost of living is rising so why aren’t our wages?”

Deb:                      “everybody needs a fair go”

Sarah:                   “retail workers need to be paid more”

Robert:                “we need to increase wages for retail workers as the cost of living keeps going up”

Delia:                    “help feed the kids and assist with child care”

Bob:                      “help feed our kids”

Toby:                    “living expenses”

Mia:                       “we need the money to survive rising costs to live”

Margaret:            “Families are struggling”

Union Superheroes were a hit at the Goulburn Markets St Saviour‘s Common and brightened up a rainy day attracting over 100 locals to the stall hosted by Goulburn District Unions.

Further information and comment please call Goulburn District Unions spokesperson Jane Cotter mob 0412 881 618 email janecotter2951@gmail.com

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