• Celebrity concert raises awareness of Baird’s privatisation agenda
  • Make-over not takeover for Bondi Pavilion
  • CFMEU recommits to green ban support


Kilty O’Brien remembers her childhood fondly in and around the Bondi Pavilion and she’ll stop at nothing to ensure her kids get the same sense of community growing up.

The lifelong Waverley resident is at the forefront of the ‘Save Bondi Pavilion’ campaign to raise awareness about Waverley Council’s proposed $38 million redevelopment that residents fear will rob them of their iconic community and cultural hub.

“We want a make over not a take over,” Kilty said. "Bondi has changed a lot over the years becoming an overdeveloped and highly populated area. ‘The Pav’ is our only space for community, cultural and educational activity. We won’t allow that to be taken away for the benefit of commercial interests."

At a celebrity fuelled free concert on Sunday CFMEU President Rita Mallia restated the union's commitment to maintaining a 'green-ban' on the proposed planned refurbishment for the Pavilion until the community supported the changes.

“The CFMEU is proud and humbled to be part of such an important campaign, which is leading the ever-growing public backlash against the Baird government’s privatisation agenda.

“It would be a tragedy if the Liberal Mayor, Sally Betts, gets her way and spends $38 million of ratepayers money to hand the Pavilion over to private interests whose only aim is to make a profit off the community.”

Mother of four Kilty is hopeful with the CFMEU’s support the community will win. “The community is right behind this and together with the union’s absolute support we are a force to be reckoned with. We started the year thinking privatisation was a certainty and now we have overcome so much. We are still standing strong. We will keep the pressure on and we will win.”

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