GST hike would hit working people

The reality of wall to wall Liberal governments is beginning to hit home, with WA Premier, Colin Barnett signalling the start of a conservative campaign to hike the GST.


Last night on Lateline the WA Liberal Premier said:


“Do Australians really mind that much if the GST was 10 per cent or 12.5 per cent, if it means maintaining high quality health and education, disability services and the like? I suspect the Australian people are mature enough to say we’ll cop that.”


Premier Barnett’s comments follow on from NSW Treasurer, Mike Baird, who on 15 August refused to reveal the detail of conversations he’d had with Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey about the GST. (


Unions NSW Secretary, Mark Lennon said a higher GST burden would be disproportionately carried by working people.


“It’s clear that Liberals across the country are preparing the groundwork to hike the GST,” Mr Lennon said.


“As we know, the GST is a flat tax. That means it takes a bigger proportion of your pay if you’re on a lower income.


“The Liberals want to ask working people and those on lower incomes to shoulder more of the burden of paying for community services.


“This is simply unfair and inequitable. Tony Abbott needs to definitively rule out a hike to the GST, as does Barry O’Farrell, in this term and into the future.”

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