Do you have a work-related injury or illness or were you injured, travelling to or from work? Or are you a family member or workmate of someone who has had such an ordeal?

We want to hear from you.

Complete this survey and give us insight into your personal experiences of the NSW Workers Compensation system.

As a result of the NSW O’Farrell Government’s changes to Workers Compensation in June 2012 those with workplace injuries and illnesses, and their families, have been dealt a tremendous blow to their rights and entitlements.

The NSW O’Farrell Government’s changes are a direct attack on fair treatment and respect for all workers and their families. The changes include:

• Removal of workers compensation coverage for trips to and from work

• Reduction in weekly payments to injured workers

• Stopping weekly payments for most injured workers after 2 .5 years

• Capping medical payments for injured workers

• Heart attacks and strokes are no longer covered

• Stopping partners of those killed at work from claiming for nervous shock

• Stopping lump sum payments for pain and suffering

• Burdening workers with the legal costs of pursuing a claim


By completing this survey you will help us assess the consequences of the Workers Compensation changes one year after they were introduced. The survey should take between 3 and 10 minutes to complete, depending on your circumstances.

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