Pauline Hanson has this morning revealed she supports the greatest pay cut to working Australians since the Great Depression. 

In an interview with the ABC Insiders program, Mrs Hanson revealed she supports cutting Sunday penalty rates - a move that will cut the take home pay of hundreds of thousands of working Australians.

Trade unions are determined to hold to account any politician in favour of cutting Sunday and public holiday penalty rates and will ensure Mrs Hanson's position is well known among union members and workers across New South Wales.

"Working Sundays and public holidays requires extraordinary sacrifice yet Mrs Hanson believes it should count for nothing," said Mark Morey secretary of Union New South Wales. 

"Sunday and public holiday penalty rates represent a great divide in Australian politics. Either you believe in proper compensation for anti-social hours or you do not. Everyone should be entitled to spend Sunday and public holidays with their family and if they can't, they should be compensated.

"Mrs Hanson is a false prophet who purports to represent "the battlers" while at the same time siding with Malcom Turnbull's Government to cut the pay of working people with the hardest those living in regional and rural communities. The trade union movement intends to shine a light on One Nation and its duplicitous agenda of cutting the pay packets of working Australians."

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And in other news Brendan O’Connor says Labor’s won't apologise for its decision to oppose the Fair Work Commission’s penalty rate decision, and called on the One Nation Senate crossbenchers and Derryn Hinch and Nick Xenophon to do the same, according to the Guardian.

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