Health workers and angry locals today rallied outside Nepean Hospital condemning the federal government’s $57 billion cuts to health services and called for local Liberal MP Fiona Scott to stand up for her community.

The protest comes as new figures reveal the immense strain NSW emergency departments are under particularly Nepean Hospital where doctors have resorted to treating patients in chairs because of a lack of beds.

Workers say the eight hour wait to see a doctor in emergency is unsustainable and thing are only going to get worse when the federal government’s $57 billion in cuts come into effect next year.

Unions NSW Secretary Mark Morey said hospitals are already at crisis point from the $3 billion in cuts that the State Liberals have made to the health system.

“Sadly, the federal Liberal government is going to make it worse by cutting $57 billion in hospital funding while at the same time attacking Medicare which will put emergency departments under even more stress.

“As a community, we need to stand together and fight for well-funded, universal healthcare. Now, more than ever, it’s under attack.”

Mr Morey said doctors, nurses and other health workers are working their guts out to provide world class patient care but there aren’t enough resources to meet demand.

“Something has to be done soon before people are unable to receive the care they need.

“Longer waiting times isn’t just an annoyance for patients, its life threatening. It’s time Fiona Scott stood up for her community and demand the federal government provide the funding support Nepean Hospital so desperately needs.” 

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