Today’s Fair Work Commission decision to slash penalty rates is a historic assault on wages and conditions that will be met with a fierce campaign from trade unions across NSW.

"This decision represents one of the greatest cuts to the wages of working people in Australian history,” said Mark Morey, Secretary of Unions NSW. 

“Penalty rates are not extra, discretionary income. Hundreds of thousands of retail, hospitality and fast food workers rely on Sunday penalty rates to pay their rent, child care and electricity bills.  

"The corporate lobbyists who have pushed for this wage cut have hidden behind a huge myth - that lower wages will mean more jobs. In fact, this decision will do quite the opposite. Cutting the wages of working people will simply make it harder for them to get by, while delivering a windfall to employers. 

“This decision is not just unpopular with the workers directly affected. Polling undertaken just last week shows that politicians who support this cut will be punished by the electorate. We will now take our message to voters right across the State.

"Just yesterday, the ABS revealed that wage growth remained at record lows - a trend that has alarmed economists and authorities such as the Reserve Bank. Today’s Fair Work Commission decision is not just unfair it’s also economically unwise.

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