The State Government’s lack of respect for public sector workers is clearer than ever, with today’s revelation that road maintenance work will be outsourced and the public sector banned from tendering for the work.

Hundreds of workers employed by Roads and Maritime Services now face an uncertain future.


Unions NSW Secretary Mark Lennon questioned the Government’s motivation.


“If this is supposed to be about efficiency, why would the hard working men and women at Roads and Maritime Services be denied the opportunity to keep doing this work?


“”This Government is now going to the extraordinary length of privatising essential services like road maintenance, just to create business opportunities for private sector interests.


“The fact that the public sector has been excluded from tendering for this work shows that there is no fat and the public sector is operating efficiently.


“The new private operators of road maintenance work will need to make a profit. Clearly, that will come at the expense of motorists, the community and the workforce.


“This State Government is more interested in providing a fat contract for the private sector than looking after the needs of the community.”

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