Successful Gym Fees Claim- Questions WorkCover's Commitment to Health and Return to Work

A firefighter psychologically injured when undertaking emergency service work has successfully made a claim for gym fees under the workers compensation system. The worker who is an exempted worker, meaning that they have the unamended Workers Compensation Act 1987 due to them being a fire fighter, has won the right to attend a gym and have travel expenses paid for them.

The matter opposed at great legal expense to the workers compensation scheme discussed what is reasonably necessary treatment under Section 60 Compensation for cost of medical or hospital treatment and rehabilitation etc. of the Workers Compensation Act.  despite all medical experts in the case agreeing that physical exercise can assist workers with a psychological injury.

Despite the claim being declined by the scheme agents for a self insurer (Treasury Managed Fund), the failure of WorkCover to intervene can only leave questions of the Authority's commitment to return workers to health and work, or the Get Healthy at Work program they are delivering and receiving significant funding.

WorkCover may not have seen the contradictions in their messaging but at least this case will now be able to be used to assist workers both in the old scheme and the Baird 2012 Amended scheme to access gym not only for physical rehabilitation and prophylactic therapy but also psychological rehabilitation.

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