• Workers being robbed on a mass scale
  • Gig economy driving down wages & conditions
  • Calls for national register to log work and pay 

Unions NSW is calling for a royal commission on wage theft after a number of widespread rip-offs were revealed.

High profile businesses such as Domino’s Pizza, Pizza Hut, 7-Eleven, Caltex and other fast food and café businesses have all been exposed for underpaying wages and this is “just the tip of the iceberg.”

In an opinion piece published in Fairfax Media on Thursday Unions NSW secretary Mark Morey said lawlessness was flourishing in industries such as fashion modelling, fast food, retail, hospitality, transport and aged care - where workers are being exploited and robbed of wages on a mass scale. 

“Wages are being ‘stolen’ from employees expected to work many hours of unpaid overtime and the cut throat competitive pressure of the gig economy is making it worse,” Mr Morey said. 

“Exploitation and wage theft is rampant across the service sector. The gig economy is putting downward pressure on wages by shattering previously permanent jobs into one-off tasks.

“A royal commission would expose wrongdoing, but also provide constructive solutions for how we regulate and organise work. We could use a national register of data from companies such as Airtasker, Foodora and Deliveroo to make sure Australian wages are being paid, for example. Providing this sort of information should be easy for clever, data-driven companies.”

Mr Morey said without a royal commission on systemic wage theft, the ‘gig economy’ will continue to drive down Australian wages and conditions.

“As a society we cannot sit back and watch as our world of work is atomised and our rights scattered to the wind.” Join the calls for a royal commission here.

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