The Premier and Treasurer must urgently commit to a jobs action plan by bringing forward infrastructure construction, purchasing from local businesses and building an international airport at Badgerys Creek, to stop the loss of 20,000 jobs across the State.

Treasury has forecast the unemployment rate will rise to 6.25 per cent next financial year, the highest rate since the Global Financial Crisis.


While the Treasurer has said he ‘hopes’ the unemployment forecasts are wrong, Unions NSW Secretary, Mark Lennon called for action.


“Hope is not enough, we need a clear action plan that instills confidence among workers and employers across the State,” Mr Lennon said.


“To avert the jobs crisis that Treasury is predicting we need key infrastructure projects such as WestConnex fast tracked. Bring them forward and get shovels in the ground.


“The Government must also ensure it supports local jobs by purchasing from local NSW businesses.”


“The Premier and Treasurer also need to provide a firm commitment to building the Western Sydney International Airport at Badgerys Creek, a move that would turbocharge the NSW economy.


“These three measures would give employers the confidence to invest and keep their staff on the books and avoid the jobs crisis predicted by Treasury.”

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