Today’s historic decision to push ahead with the construction of a second Sydney airport at Badgerys Creek has been hailed by the trade union movement as a win for jobs, investment and infrastructure in Western Sydney.

The NSW trade union movement was an early supporter of the campaign for Badgerys Creek, voting to support the construction of a second Sydney airport at a full council meeting of Unions NSW one year ago.

Since then, Unions NSW and its affiliates have actively campaigned for the airport and the numerous benefits it will bring.

“We always said that partisan politics and the short term electoral cycle ought to be shelved to make this project a reality. Thankfully, the national economic interest has come first,” Unions NSW Secretary, Mark Lennon said. 

“The critical thing about today’s decision is that the campaign has been successfully driven by the community. It’s come from the grassroots and that is why it has been powerful. 

“Western Sydney is critical to the national economy and an airport at Badgerys Creek is the spark of a new round of prosperity, not just for this region but the country.

“This project will deliver the high wage, high productivity jobs that Western Sydney needs. Crucially it will allow Western Sydney residents to work in the region they also live in.”

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