The NSW State government wants to privatise four more public hospitals.

First it was the Northern Beaches, then it was five more public hospitals. They backed down over Goulburn Hospital, but Wyong, Maitland, Shellharbour and Bowral are still under threat.

Our health is the most important thing in living a long and happy life but under a privatised hospital system we will all be worse off.

The only way a private operator can make money is to charge more or reduce costs – that means cuts to jobs and essential services.

This is a further step in the Americanisation of our health care – where patients pay more and health outcomes are worse. Selling our hospitals to the private sector is breaking the public’s trust.

We have already seen privatisations fail at Port Macquarie and Royal North Shore Hospitals. We can’t let the Baird government make the same mistake again at our expense. 

Send a message to the Baird government that we want our public hospitals in NSW to remain PUBLIC and help stop the NSW Government from Americanising our public health system.

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